Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Mobile app provides forecasts for Rwandan coffee farmers

Technology is great! It helps you do stuff you never thought you would be able to and in quite a short time. 

In the sphere of agriculture technology has helped improve the quality of seeds and enable farmers easily access extension services and increase their productivity.

Rwandan coffee  farmers are  set to  get  a boost  in the  fight  against  coffee rust with the  creation of a mobile app created  by a startup incubated at  ESA in the  UK.

The  app  will enable the   coffee  farmers  protect and improve their  crops  by providing  highly localized weather  forecasts helping them make  the best  decisions at the right time.

The hyper local forecasts can alert farmers to   changes in rain patterns and any disease threat. 

The weather safe coffee farmer edition app can run on multiple mobile software like Apple ios, Android and Blackberry.

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