Sunday, May 25, 2014

Uganda’s Coffee agribusiness incubator

Coffee  farming in Africa  is being overtaken  by the  need  for  real estate  more and  more  people  are  uprooting their  trees to  build  residential apartments.

With  the  growing  demand  for  urban and  semi urban  living coffee  farmers  tired  of meager  earnings  from bonuses  are opting out  of the trade.

In my view  it is solely because  farmers have left the  whole coffee  value chains to the  hands  of  companies, and cooperatives who are  supposed to collect the berries in bulk  fetching   better prices.

The outcome is that more people do not get the value of their investments and end up getting mere peanuts   for bonuses at the end of the year.

Uganda however is taking a better approach to this challenge with the launch of an agribusiness incubator focused on the coffee value chain.

Not only will this  help farmers learn how to add  value  to their berries  they  will also  be  equipped with  entrepreneurship  skills to better understand market  demands.

The  country provider popular Robusta beans, used in French and Italian roasts.

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