Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Tanzanian farmers get taste of mobile extension services

Extension services in Tanzania are set to go mobile thanks to a Norwegian funded program at the Sokoine University of Agriculture.

The new system will help farmers access the vital market information as well as pass on information on various technologies to use to improve farm productivity.

The system will enable the little number of extension workers to reach as many farmers as possible.
According to reports from Tanzania the Enhancing Pro-poor Innovations in Natural Resources and Agricultural Value-chains (Epinav) Program is currently being tested in Kilolo in Iringa and Kilosa districts in Morogoro region.

Kenya’s well developed technology sector has enabled many individual and organizations to come up with both web based and mobile platforms that help farmers and other players within the agricultural sector value chain.

If technology is integrated well with agriculture has the potential to increase productivity and the socio-economic status of many smallholder farmers in the continent.

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