Wednesday, August 17, 2011

An Everyday Miracle

Everyone everywhere is searching for a miracle. For doors to open so that they can get their hearts desires. To get a job, to get married, an education, a house, a promotion or the much longed for child to hold in their arms.
Sometimes our desires become the driving force of our religion the basis of our faith. The misconception that if we pray harder, go to church more faithfully, pay tithe then God will be able to meet the desires of our hearts.
Christianity today has been watered down by televangelism that continues to preach the gospel of harvests; you plant a seed for the lord and sow your miracle.
I may not be in a position to talk from a theological perspective neither am I ordained but I hold true the view that at times we struggle too hard to see the presence of God in our lives that we fail to see the evidence that He portrays on a day to day basis.
When our faith is tested we wait to see the one miracle that can prove to us that we are not forsaken, not forgotten that as He promised in His word to never leave us (Joshua 1:5).He is by our side.
We want a constant reassurance that He is somewhere in the background working things out for us because we believe in Him and that all in the end will be well.
But if we take a moment to block out the noises around us, to sit in a quiet place and listen. Then in that moment of silence we will feel the ultimate miracle; the heartbeat.
Even the greatest of scientists cannot begin to comprehend its workings. A heart begins to beat as a child grows in their mother’s womb and only stops at His command.
Every night when we go to bed we have the confidence that we will wake up the following morning and continue with building the nation. But there is no reassurance just hope, because several people( some of whom we might know well about) have died in their sleep.
But each morning when you wake and you can feel your heart beat then you are assured of His presence because He has given you the miracle of seeing a new day.
Even when things seem tough, even when nothing is going your way give thanks because you receive your miracle each day.

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