Saturday, July 30, 2011


Skin sagging, sunken eyes, bonny cheekbones and frail looking bodies of hunger stricken people have been the headlines for the last five days.
Portraying only a fraction of the grotesque situation of drought that hit Kenya’s arid and semi arid areas. No one has been spared old men, women and children in the northern parts of Kenya savor for just one meal among the many that others gulp in mouthfuls.
A section of the media went further ahead to depict exactly how severe the situation has gotten: a television featured a young child who crawling on dry land that has cracked from loss of moisture under the hot suns’ rays. The child appearing too frail to walk but struggling to crawl perhaps trying to run away from the hungry vulture just waiting for him to die.
Another a photo of a woman who had been the face of the story of hunger when it first broke in the newspapers now deceased after succumbing to hunger.
So moving are the pictures that the journalists through the media owners association and some corporate began an initiative to save the millions of people that are faced with death due the continued lack of food dubbed Kenyans for Kenya.
So far the initiative has managed to raise 40 million shillings in a span of two days making the needed 500 million to save more than 3.5 million people saved with hunger.
The situation is drastic and needs drastic measures yet the persons responsible for undertaking the measures seat in their comfort zones of fill oblivious of the harsh realities.
Perhaps it is the reason for being left out of the campaigns to raise funds for the starving Kenyans.
Perhaps another excuse to abdicate their responsibilities.
Evidently continual blame on wrong policies will not in the immediate future save the lives that are poised with this great threat.
It is time for immediate action, send in your contribution, via MPESA (Pay bill number 111111; account number 11111) or deposit in KCB Account No. 1133333338.
Let’s save a life!

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