Tuesday, February 1, 2011

politics' dirty tricks

our politicians keep on proving time and time again to ordinary citizenry that we can not handle our internal affairs.corruption cases continue to be rampant despite numerous promises by to fight it at all costs.
public service officers have been scrambled for and been made partisan with constant referrals to ethnicity
how many times have we seen them saying that their tribes are being targeted that their are political assassins out to end their careers that their tribes have waited so long to have a piece of that national cake
they forget so soon that the path they are taking was what brought about the post election violence and the internally displaced persons who until now have notg yet been ressetled
it is a pity that these politicians view us as puppets to be toyed around with.they group themselves into opposing factions and declare war against each other in the public eye but behind the scenes they wine and dine with each other at any possible opportunity.
the results innocent Kenyans are turned against each other and at the worst end up killing each other.
Kenyans need to rise above this trivial stupidity

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